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"Truly broke, never growing up call me Rufio"
Ed Sheeran, 23, singer-songwriter,
self proclaimed lego addict.

i’ve been forcibly dragged from bed. this is unjust.


Graham just took the toppings off of my pizza. callingrufio speak to your son please this is rude.

Spoke to him. He’s 500% not sorry. Soz. He’s got rubbish manners. I tried.

not allowed to sleep. just as well. 

i’ve had the most ridiculous dream nightmare thing for like the past 3 weeks. just the same plot reoccurring but with different people in it. I’m gonna just stop sleeping.

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Song: Nina (Live Version)
Artist: Ed Sheeran

Plays: 2,082


Live in Chicago // September 16th, 2014


So Ed was pretty amazing on AGT. Like absolutely sick. Js.

don’t go making me feel bad about replacing you. 

Hi. Gonna be on AGT soon. Like within the next hour. Okay bye.

I’m a sister now. This is the coolest day of my life.